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Car Bodywork Detailing Worthing West Sussex

Ultimate Bodywork Detailing


We provide the ultimate mobile Car Polishing, Swirl Removal, Paintwork Correction and Detailing service for prestige, exotic and classic cars. Based in West Sussex, England, we use our years of experience and the very best quality Detailing tools and materials from Autoglym, Meguiars, Dodo Juice, 3M etc to expertly restore the lustre of a vehicle’s bodywork without damaging the top coat finish and without leaving residual swirls or holograms. We work alongside your existing valeting arrangements and add the all-important finishing touches. This is a high-end service aimed at high-end vehicles.


Here at Uber Gloss we do things differently. Rather than using heavy compounds to aggressively cut back paint, we adopt a far more subtle and sympathetic approach to Detailing and Machine Polishing. We only use ultra fine grade Detailing materials and apply them steadily and patiently at low machine RPM in order to maximise the results and maintain the integrity of the paintwork. Our service gently but thoroughly deep cleans the top coat and then polishes it to an ultra-deep glossy shine that lasts.


"I only ever trust my highest caliber cars to Uber Gloss. Their service is second to none and the quality and price is impossible to beat" - James S


"Thanks to Uber Gloss my Austin Healey is now in show winning condition and is attracting considerably more interest from potential buyers" Ben H


"Uber Gloss are so clean and tidy that most of the work they do for me actually takes place inside my showroom!" Geoff R

Car Bodywork Detailing Worthing West Sussex
Car Bodywork Detailing Worthing West Sussex

"If you have a special vehicle that you would like delicately and expertly detailed by extremely careful and professional car enthusiasts then look no further"

Uber Gloss Ultimate Bodywork Detailing

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